Giving Mother a mobile technology that saves her pregnancy and grows her newborns in rural Tanzania

We are Mother to Mother healthcare & diseases preventive initiative in difficulties

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4490 mothers now, 20,000 mothers in 2020 who are

Doing together, saving everybody


Antenatal practices

series of training and practices for antenatal care and adherence in difficulties

Perinatal undelay

Timely access to Medical care to prevent preventable maternal and newborn mortality


Safe Maternal Practices


Giving birth to HIV free  baby


Growing a child free from diseases

Postnatal Mothering

post delivery maternal follow up, immunization listing and child feeding practices

Child-growth Monitoring

Newborn growth tools, daily nutritious and breastfeeding techniques and practices for mothers

We believe in power of woman herself to end preventable maternal and child deaths in difficulties

Using Manual Maternal health Codes

We provide health codes to every mother suffered from isolation, gender based violence and teenage pregnancy in difficulties

formalizing network of mama i reporters

We use hamlet’s life saving mother who has chosen among mothers by mothers themselves to save others in their communities

Standing with fathers for Maternal health

Our solution despite of being female lead, we are equipping fathers with basic skills to stand with their expectant mothers

Mother-to-Mother Approach to curb maternal & child mortality in difficulties


Mama i reporter is a mother to mother door-to-door daily care approach that uses the local communication media to reach out remote families of pregnant mothers and impoverished children and extend basic authorized health products to undeserved vulnerable families.


  • mama i reporter helps the child of her community member
  • mama i reporter registering her community member
  • mama i reporters after series of training in kihulungi
  • Mama i reporters work at night
  • trainer
Reaching,awakening and connecting unreached mothers

We organize outreach with health experts; doctors and nurses to reach vulnerable mothers and children in unreached and under-saved communities

Inspiring adolescent girl to end teenage pregnancy

We use Mother-to-Girl (Motugi) approach to pro-activate rural adolescent girls in both primary and secondary schools as future mothers in their communities

Connecting Mothers and children to life saving services

We are connecting pregnant mothers to authorized services and delivery materials to ensure safe and clean environment for daily living


Foundation Year


Underprivileged Communities


mama  reporters


Impacted population

We are doing SDGs

Child Health

In Tanzania as in many countries in Africa, Child mortality remains unacceptably high, from largely preventable and treatable diseases

Maternal Health

Approximately 1.6 Million girls aged 15-19 years  give birth each year in third world and face higher risk complication and mortality

  • SDG 3
  • SDG5
  • SDG 1

Mother to Mother Healthcare     Summit 2018

We believe in power of a woman, we take pride in discovering, inspiring and empowering women as fundamental person who save the lives of other women and children in their innermost rural underprivileged communities