Attend “A” Mothering Summit in Mbinga

The 2018 A-mothering summit will be gathered on July 10 in mbinga,Please apply to attend


We are Curbing Preventable Maternal and Child Mortality in Africa communities using World’s most vulnerable Women themselves

We are Mother to Mother Healthcare & disease preventive initiative in difficulties

We are transforming the world’s most vulnerable women and adolescent girls to curb Preventable maternal and child mortality in their underprivileged communities and abide the culture of simple mobile technology so that their illness is timely prevented, diagnosed and clinically managed.We believe in power of women and adolescent girls to end Maternal and child mortality in underprivileged communities in Tanzania

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Reducing Mother to Child HIV/AIDS Transmission with culture of simple mobile technology

HIV is the leading cause of deaths in Tanzania with 33,000 deaths annually and more than 78,000 women aged 15 and above are living with HIV, and increase more to maternal mortality and mother to child Transmission (MTCT)


Putting world’s most vulnerable women first to reduce Maternal and Child Mortality

Approximately 1.6 Million girls aged 15-19 years and 2.5 million girls under 14 years give birth each year in developing region and face higher risk complication and increase both maternal and child mortality in low income setting


Timely access to Medical care to curb preventable maternal and child mortality

More than Half of the births and deaths in world’s vulnerable communities occur at home, The mortality rate in Tanzania remain high at 556 deaths per 100,000 live births, and dying easily from treatable malaria, malnutrition and diarrhea


 We are delivering A-mothering in Africa


Mother to Mother Gestational Approach

Using simple SMS mobile technology solution we are connecting the HIV/AIDS infected mothers to PMTCT services to reduce both maternal and child mortality risks

Mother to child care Approach

A-mothering is series of training and practices to end newborn and child morality to most vulnerable underprivileged communities using certified life saving mothers

Mothers Community Store Approach

We help women and adolescent girls in most difficult and distant underprivileged mother to get their quo non basic sexual reproductive health needs nearly to their doors

Every Impact start at School

We believe every woman journey starts at school, to curb future maternal and child mortality the work starts today in schools, we put girls at school corner project with adult women

Life saving mothers Network

We are Training women in high risk areas with Malnutrition, Malaria and Diarrhea to prevent, discover and connect to immediate treatment to both Public and Private Hospitals

Community Mama Reporters

Mama Reporter uses simple Mama reporting Kit and Mobile Phone to save and report any kind of illness to women and children and ensure no preventable illness left at home

Join “A” Mothers

the Community of life saving mothers

Our vision is to see no woman is dying from easily preventable illness like maternal complications and No child is dying because of malnutrition, malaria and diarrhea. Therefore we believe in building and leveraging Life saving mothers popularly known Healthy “A” MOTHERS across Tanzania communities and rest of the world

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Door-to-door ‘A’ Mothering Approach to curb maternal & child mortality

A-mothering  is a door-to-door motherhood and childhood daily care  aims to prevent maternal and child mortality through encouraging on-time ant-natal care, clinic followup, delivery at health-centers, immunization listing and child feeding adherence in rural and poor communities. A-mothering is where caregivers, mama reporters and community leaders reach out in underprivileged communities to identify, screen and extend basic health products to undeserved

Impact in Numbers

2016 +

Foundation Year

110 +

Communities in 3 regions


Life saving Mothers

50000 +

Impacted Women. girls and children

Community Feedback

Janeth Ndunguru 

I was about to die but mama reporter saved my life, she was following me daily and assisted me to Maguu health center where they discovered Am diabetic and Hypetensive


Amina Abdalah

Ahsanteni sana momohecare ninawashukuru kwa mafunzo mliyonipa kipindi cha mimba yangu, nitaokoa maisha yakina mama wengine katika mkoa wetu


Mama Yuni,

This was my 6th Pregnancy, 5 children I delivered in My house and all died in first month after delivery, Now I have One, I attended all clinic visits and delivery at Litembo Hosital


Maria Lulemi

What You do is like when I read mathew 22:34-40, You create love among suffering children. My child has survived from malnutrition and is doing fine Now, Thank You


Our founder certified as Young leader Committed to Transform Africa by YALI-RC East Africa

On September 22, 2017 Noely Mapunda the Founder of Momohecare Mother-to-Mother healthcare initiative for Underprivileged women and children with other young leaders from 14 countries in east and central Africa completed 28 days leadership training program at YALI Regional center East Africa, Nairobi Kenya.

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